Help Industries, Inc. offers the following Lines of Businesses to meet your needs at the lowest costs, while at the same time, providing jobs to Disabled, Wounded Warriors and Veterans.  There are no hidden fees or costs added on! 

Also, your company can utilize our company as a subcontractor to take advantage of being a tax exempt, non profit agency and meeting your Federal Government Small Business concerns, State and Municipality Community Services Goals:

  • Engineering Services:  Industrial Engineering, Systems and IT Configurations and Consulting Services, including Labor Management Systems (Red Prairie DLx, Manhattan LM), Warehouse Management Systems (Redprairie, Manhattan), Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS – Infor EAM, IBM Maximo), QC Inspection Systems – TAMS, JAMS and Army GFEBS system).
  • Facilities Maintenance:  Over 30 years of experience from construction to build out, to building equipment and systems were installed and commissioned, startup of operations, maintenance and repairs, preventative maintenance, demand maintenance orders and minor construction projects at the Federal, State and Local levels.
  • Janitorial Services:  Superior quality, customer service and cleanliness of offices, daycare, K-12, Universities, government, commercial and residential customers.
  • Roads and GroundsRepairs to Roads and Grounds Maintenance, including Snow and Ice removal for agencies and customers.
  • Community Services:  Our Community Services outreach includes assistance to the Disabled, Wounded Warriors, abused women, run away kids, homeless shelter and drug addicts.  Our individual and corporate tax exempt donations help fund this operation.
  • Admin Services – Clerical and Admin Services for Clients.
  • I.T. Services  – Software development, website development, Logo designs, hosting and website security.
  • Technical support – I.T. support for hardware, software, servers, laptops, mobile devices, etc.
  • Project management – For large scale projects or contracts in our various lines of businesses.
  • Business intelligence – Development of Business analytics and intelligence by utilizing modeling, algorithms, etc.
  • Network and system engineering – Cloud based, Servers, Network/LAN, Gateways/Routers, Hub, Switch installations and support.