Military Veterans, Wounded Warriors and Disabled People who are seeking Training and Jobs:

One of Help Industries, Inc. missions is to provide job opportunities and on the job training, including Apprenticeship Programs in the maintenance field of your choice.  This service is offered to any military veteran wishing to further their skills, education and career.

We are looking for Veterans that will provide 110% effort on all jobs and projects in the State of Tennessee and each State for Federal Contracts.  Help Industries, Inc. has recently partnered with the State of Tennessee, Dept. of Veterans.  More to following on this partnership and our government partners.  In the meantime, please email us your resume, cover letter and desired training or job opportunity.

We believe that our quality workmanship and superior customer service is what sets Help Industries, Inc, apart.  We are committed to finding energetic, highly qualified talent in all Lines of Businesses.

We know a successful partnership requires a good fit. Your personality, experience and skills are important factors in that partnership. We work to understand what type of technical and cultural fit is right for you in a new opportunity. Our goal is to provide you with a step forward in your career.

We offer contract, contract-to-hire, and direct placement employment opportunities across the country at the State and Federal level.

That’s quality workmanship, and excellent client relationships, combined for a win-win situation.

Get to know Help Industries, Inc.  Please email us your resume, cover letter and desired job placement and desired locations.  We will try and place you in available jobs as required.