Operations and Maintenance

Help Industries, Inc. has over 30 years experience working with Federal and Commercial customers. Help Industries, Inc will analyze Performance Work statements and contract requirements for new contracts for Business Development (BD). We will Work with BD with customer presentations and Q&A during meetings with new clients. We will Develop technical approach and pricing proposals for contracts and review any subcontractor proposals and determine technical capabilities.

Help Industries has experience in Procurement, Project Management, Contract Management, Subcontract Management, Estimating ID/IQ Dept., Security, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Work Control, Warehouse & Logistics, Buildings & Structures Shop, Electrical / Electronic Shop, Plumbing and Utilities Shop, Roads & Grounds Shop, Property Management and Quality, Health, Environmental and Safety.

We have performed facilities operations and maintenance for over 30 years to federal, state and local customers. Quality and Customer Service is our motto!

Please call us at 901-386-2512 for more information or service. For business inquiries, please email us at info@helpindustries.org